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Post  Aiedle on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:03 pm

Name: Elliot "Leo" Parker
Age: 15
Apperance:Elliot "Leo" Parker Elliot10
Like that only Leo has Black hair and Red eyes
Personality:Kinda laid back, he's quiet altho often times it's just because he's shy, He's sorta enigmatic and hard to find out and is known for a violent reputation, but on the inside he's just hopeless and scared and doesn't know what to do, he thinks very logically and isn't much of a poet but when the need arises he goes into a cold and calculated state, almost as if he's another person.
Gang: Nightshades
History: Leo grew up a normal kid, he had a mom a dad and a brother. That was of corse untill his mom and dad were killed in a driveby when he was seven, he had been with his parents when they died and it traumatized him deeply, all he had left was his little brother. With no home they had to live on the streets and learn to survive, his brother being six at the time made this very difficult. at the age of 14 his little brother John joined the Red Elites, John not knowing that they were the ones that killed their parrents, Leo had swore revenge whenhe was nine and eventually Joined the Nightshades.
Fighting Style/Weapon (Please not too many guns, it's kinda like a modding weapon.): he's a Marksman and can use any gun you give him, his favorite being a .357 magnum revolver he stole, he always carries a a combat knife with him at all times, also he has a black belt and he contantly uses it as an excuse along with his violent reputation to leave him alone.
Extras: Mimi often ticks him off and he has a twin brother in the Red Elites, also his eyes are red because he wears color contacts.

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Post  Aki on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:40 pm

Apppprrrooovvvveeeeedddd. C:

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