Chiya Ryan, and Mimi's creations~

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Chiya Ryan, and Mimi's creations~ Empty Chiya Ryan, and Mimi's creations~

Post  Aki on Thu Jan 05, 2012 8:15 pm

Name: Chiya Memutski (She actually doesn't remember her real name, but Chiya was what Ryan named her, and she put the last name as his because they're practically like brother and sister)
Apperance:Chiya Ryan, and Mimi's creations~ T130291062598d287203ec5e0b98b7b80dbd87e72ba6c
Personality:She is very loyal and nice to Ryan. She likes to pull jokes and pranks on people, she's a real trickster. She is very athletic and strong for such a small body. Chiya can be really furious when someone upsets her or ticks her off.
Gang: Red Elites
History: She lived on the streets with her brother, they never had any names for eachother. Then one day, her brother went missing. She lived alone for awhile, but her being a little kid, she couldn't handle it. The Red Elite's leader found her, and she showed her ambition to him. The leader decided to raise her into the gang, since she had no where else to go. The leader was really busy, so Ryan took care of her.
Fighting Style/Weapon (Please not too many guns, it's kinda like a modding weapon.): She uses her strength mostly, so she punches and kicks and all that stuffness. When she gets ticked off, she has the ability to lift really heavy things and use them as weapons.
Extras:She hates it when people call her 'Chi' or 'Chi-chi' (other then Ryan). She gets ticked off kinda often, and will try to destroy the target.

Name: Ryan Memutski
Age: 18
Apperance:Chiya Ryan, and Mimi's creations~ Anime
Personality:He worries about things way too much, and sometimes screws up. Some people say that he's not fit to be a leader, but his father trusted him with the job. His members all respect him, and help him out. Especially Chiya.
Gang: Leader of the Red Elites.
History: He was raised mostly alone, since his father was kinda busy, but he was always there for him. The other members also looked after him, but not much. When Chiya came he was glad there was someone almost his age there, and he took care of mostly.
Fighting Style/Weapon (Please not too many guns, it's kinda like a modding weapon.): He doesn't fight much, since Chiya is the one that does that in his place, with the other members, but he uses a pocket knife.
Extras:Nope. Not for this boring boy. xD

Name: Mimi Astro (<-- I just randomly came up with that.. xD)
Apperance:Chiya Ryan, and Mimi's creations~ Cuteblondeanimegirl
Personality:She's really strange, and isn't from around there. She has no point in life, no job, no house, no one. So she joined the Nightshades for the sake of annoying people. She's a little childish, and bubbly, but can be pervy and make a lot of jokes. She gets drunk. A lot. I don't know how she even does it, but she does.
History:She lived on the streets, having no place to go, sleeping with dudes for money for beer. A Nightshade member found her and asked to join them, and of course, she agreed. Free beer, AND entertainment.
Fighting Style/Weapon (Please not too many guns, it's kinda like a modding weapon.): She has a black metal pole, that can retract so it can fit in her pocket, but she carries it in a strap around her leg close to her.. 'undergarments' /shot
Extras:She mostly likes to annoy the leader. c: lolidk.

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