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Graffiti! C: Empty Graffiti! C:

Post  Aki on Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:51 pm

So I was walking downtown today to the mall to get my glasses fixes, and I found this alley, and it had like art in it, and the graffiti was on the one side, and it immediately reminded me of ITS, since it's about gangs and shiz, so I wanted to upload them;

The left side (my mom's shoulder is in the left bottom corner, damnit. xD);

Graffiti! C: IMG_0008

Middle pic;

Graffiti! C: IMG_0007

Right side;

Graffiti! C: IMG_0009

Allthatsnowontheground. Anyway, I hope it wasn't too stupid of an idea to post it. But ohwell.

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