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Post  Person on Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:35 am

Name: Kimiki Monoushu or "Kimi" for short
Age: 16
Apperance: Kimi's creation X3 Scaled.php?server=519&filename=jessicaeinheim
Personality: Clever, she can usually see loopholes in things. A bit firm because of her past.
Gang: Red Elites
History: If she didn't do something right or denied to do it as a child, she would be hit, spanked etc. By her uncle. She lives with her uncle since her parents had died. Finally, she ran away from her uncle's apartment which was more like a shack. She ran away when she was 14, and came to this town(?) (Sorry about the history if you dun't like it. I couldn't think of anything.)
Fighting Style/Weapon (Please not too many guns, it's kinda like a modding weapon.): An average gun? (Cause I dun't know what guns are called XDD) and a knife
Extras: She's going through the stuffed animal stage o.o at 16. She carries around the teddy bear her mother and father had given her on her 4th birthday. Which was a year before they had died.

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Kimi's creation X3 Empty Re: Kimi's creation X3

Post  Cahya on Sat Jan 07, 2012 1:20 am

Aproooved Very Happy


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